Cooking hub ditches beef, ripped for ‘virtue signaling’

Cooking hub ditches beef, ripped for ‘virtue signaling’

Conde Nast food publication Epicurious announced it’s ditching all beef-related content as a pro-planet effort to promote sustainability and the movement is gaining some serious backlash from critics.

The Wall Street Journal released an editorial Wednesday criticizing the magazine’s decision to axe the bovine content and argued it will not solve climate change.

“Virtue signaling over red meat won’t make a difference on climate change,” the Journal editorial board writes. “The editors concede as much, writing that ‘individual actions like choosing alt-meat—or mushrooms, or chickpeas—instead of the real thing can feel so small they’re essentially pointless.’”

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But according to Epicurious editors, ditching beef will give readers a leg-up in political preoccupations – a perspective WSJ considers a “progressive prod.”

Today we announced that Epicurious is cutting out beef. It won’t appear in new Epi recipes, articles, newsletters, or on social. This isn’t a vendetta against cows or people who eat them. It’s a shift about sustainability; not anti-beef but pro-planet.

— epicurious (@epicurious) April 26, 2021

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