Controversial new proposal would forgive ‘slashed’ Polkadot validator

Controversial new proposal would forgive ‘slashed’ Polkadot validator

Polkadot (DOT) validator Web3Italy has been “slashed” and “chilled” after going offline for 14 hours on Aug. 10 and 11.

This means that the validator has lost their staked tokens and been temporarily kicked from the network, respectively.

Web3Italy went offline at the same time that numerous other Web3 Foundation validators went offline resulting in the network taking action against the entire group. Web3 Foundation technical educator Bruno Skvorc said the act of being offline alone was not a “slashable offense,” but “being offline with a bunch of others is,” adding:

“This validator was offline when a bigger set of validators failed, all of which for slashed and aren’t being forgiven. This validator was collateral damage.”

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According to Polkadot’s documentation, when an individual validator is “offline for an entire epoch” (4 hours), the offending party will be chilled, — removing them temporarily from the active validator set and disqualifying them for re-election in the next round only. It further specifies

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