Conor McGregor Buys Massive Lamborghini Yacht

Conor McGregor Buys Massive Lamborghini Yacht


Conor McGregor recently purchased an incredible yacht.

According to TMZ, the UFC legend bought a Lamborghini 63 Yacht by Tecnomar, and the starting price on the beast is $3.9 million. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The boat has a length of 63 feet and a 4,000 horsepower engine. You can see what the boat looks like in the video below.

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So, do we think Conor McGregor is still crushing life or do we think he’s still crushing life? The answer to that is yes.

I think it’s hard to be having a bad day whenever you drop several million dollars on a huge yacht to ball out on.

While boats don’t generally make the most financial sense, I don’t think a guy with the resources of McGregor will struggle to foot the bill.

The dude has made an outrageous amount of money during his fighting career, and it’s okay to spend a little bit from time to time.

If I had a boat like this, I’m not sure how often I’d ever even leave it. You immediately feel different the moment you step onto a

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