Connecticut: David X. Sullivan -- ‘I’m a Rule of Law Candidate’

Connecticut: David X. Sullivan — ‘I’m a Rule of Law Candidate’

Republican David X. Sullivan says he wants voters in the fifth district of Connecticut to know he sees a marked difference between peaceful protests and the rioting and killing happening in many cities across the nation as he challenges Joe Biden surrogate Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT).

“I’m a ‘rule of law’ candidate,” Sullivan told Breitbart News during an interview Wednesday.

“A lot of people have asked me about my position as a federal prosecutor, and I’ve been very concerned about the rioting, and the unrest,” he said. “Yes, I believe in the First Amendment and peaceful protest and assembly. But what we’re seeing right now with rioting, with the violence, with the killings, with the lack of civility, with people screaming in people’s faces as they’re trying to simply eat a meal. I’m concerned about that.”

“I’m a rule of law candidate, and my background is in law enforcement, and

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