Confronting Tom Hanks Over Evil Deep State Symbolism

Confronting Tom Hanks Over Evil Deep State Symbolism

Ever wonder why there’s a pyramid with the top cut off on every U.S. dollar bill?

Or why famous people constantly cover one eye?

Or why they love to pose with their right hand inside their jacket?

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And on and on it goes…

Sure, some of it could be coincidence, but how do you explain this one, with Macron in France recently?

Symbolism will be their down fall…The Cabal is real wake up….#NWO #GreatReset #Cabal #Resistance

— Isaac’s Army (@ReturnOfKappy) April 29, 2022

Nope, it’s not edited…

Not fake…

Just a bunch of “elites” all posing together to make the Illuminati pyramid symbol.

Who does that?

WHY would you do that?

Symbolism will be their downfall.

And yes, that’s exactly what it

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