Confirmed: Soros Behind Activists Who Followed Sinema Into Bathroom, Harassed Her for Betraying Biden

Confirmed: Soros Behind Activists Who Followed Sinema Into Bathroom, Harassed Her for Betraying Biden

I understand that people think harassing politicians and cornering them in bathrooms and elevators is an effective way to pursue change, but what if they’re wrong?

There should be enough to sink this strategy from an a priori standpoint. But if you want to enter into the a posteriori realm of judgment, consider the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Republicans were ambushed all over the Capitol grounds by activists screaming at them and demanding they vote against then-President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

It generated quite a few clips for the establishment media to applaud — and no substantive change in the final vote.

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Three years later, however, the technique has made a comeback.

Since Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema won’t support the $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” spending blowout at its current price tag — and won’t support Democrats’ attempt to ram amnesty for illegal immigrants through the Senate — activists decided to confront her in a bathroom and on a plane in separate incidents.


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The bathroom incident over the weekend was far from a grassroots effort. Instead, according to The Washington Free Beacon, it was carried out by a group supported by progressive moneybags George Soros.

In case you’ve managed to miss it, here was the scene as activists harassed Sinema in a restroom on the campus of Arizona State University.

Protesters followed Sen. Sinema into the bathroom at Arizona State University to confront her on Build Back Better and immigration

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 3, 2021

The activists told Sinema “we need a ‘Build Back Better’ plan right now.”

“We knocked on doors for you to get you elected,” one individual said. “We need to hold you accountable.”

Sinema said the incident was “not legitimate protest” and “wholly inappropriate.”

“It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to jeopardize themselves by engaging in unlawful activities such as gaining entry to closed university buildings, disrupting learning environments, and filming students in a restroom,” she said in a statement.

Statement Following Events at ASU on Sunday

— Kyrsten Sinema (@SenatorSinema) October 4, 2021


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There wasn’t a whole lot of media condemnation of

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