Community members integrate play-to-earn features into Dark Forest game

Community members integrate play-to-earn features into Dark Forest game

Players of the decentralized real-time strategy game, Dark Forest, have introduced new and innovative ways of earning cryptocurrency within the virtual ecosystem.

The play-to-earn plugin “Broadcast Market” was integrated into the game on May 31, according to a tweet by programmer Blaine Bublitz. The developer noted that Broadcast Market is the first plug-in featuring its own smart contract that directly communicates to Dark Forest.

This is the first plugin that has its own smart contract that talks directly to Dark Forest. It allows you to broadcast a planet to receive a reward or, if you are in need of extra broadcasts, you can post a bounty to the board!

— Blaine Bublitz (@BlaineBublitz) May 31, 2021

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Bublitz added that he and collaborator Jacob Rosental, “Project Sophon,” intend to develop additional plug-ins for the game in future, thanking Dark Forest for supporting their work.

Dark Forest praised the plug-in as showcasing the possibilities enabled by decentralization, emphasizing that players and not just Dark Forest’s official

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