Community Has Perfect Response After Group Demands Courthouse Crosses Removed


Messing with Texas: It’s an inadvisable thing. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is finding that out from the people of San Jacinto County.

If you’re not familiar with the FFRF, you’re probably not familiar with ticky-tack lawsuits over whether a school can put the three wise men in a Christmas display. Every few months, clockwork-like, the FFRF shows up with a new lawsuit specifically tailored to elicit maximum attention.

This time, the subject of the lawsuit is the San Jacinto County Courthouse in Coldspring, which apparently has four crosses. This is enough for the Wisconsin-based organization to threaten to sue the county, which is about an hour north of Houston, unless it removes the religious ephemera.

Instead of kowtowing, however, county residents decided to let the FFRF know what was what.

According to Fox News, the county judge and four commissioners voted unanimously to keep the four white crosses on the building last week.

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