Commerce Dept. backs down on threat to shut down TikTok in US

Commerce Dept. backs down on threat to shut down TikTok in US

The feds have backed down on their threat to ban TikTok — for now.

The Commerce Department has decided not to enforce an order that would have shut down the popular short-video app in the US amid a court battle over the move.

The agency announced the decision Thursday afternoon — just hours before the order was set to take effect — saying it would comply with a federal court injunction that put the ban on hold.

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The move came as the Justice Department appealed that Oct. 30 ruling, in which a Pennsylvania judge sided with three TikTok users who argued that the ban would stop them from being able to make a living.

The Commerce Department said its order would remain on hold “pending further legal developments,” suggesting that the shutdown order could be reinstated if the government wins its appeal.

TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday morning on the Commerce Department’s announcement

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