Commerce Department Won't Enforce TikTok Shut Down Order

Commerce Department Won't Enforce TikTok Shut Down Order

In a formal government notice issued this week, the Commerce Department stated that the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok won’t be shut down just yet.

NBC News reports that the popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok has successfully avoided being banned in the U.S. once again after the Commerce Department said in a formal government notice issued Thursday that it would not enforce its previous order forcing TikTok to shut down.

The decision is the latest in a saga that began last summer when the Trump administration issued an executive order that banned U.S. transactions with TikTok’s Chinese corporate owner, ByteDance, after issues of national security were raised.

On September 18, TikTok sued the Trump administration in federal court in Washington, DC, alleging that the ban was “unlawful and unconstitutional.” That same day, three popular TikTok stars sued Trump and the Commerce Department in a separate federal action in Philadelphia, stating

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