Columbia University president criticized for ‘veiled attack’ on Trump

Columbia University president criticized for ‘veiled attack’ on Trump

The head of the New York State Republican Party accused Columbia University president Lee Bollinger of taking a veiled swipe at President Trump in a welcome back email message sent to students to start the fall semester.

Toward the end of the Sept. 4 statement, Bollinger, a registered Democrat according to Board of Election records, emphasizes that the tax-exempt university doesn’t take sides in elections or political controversies.

But Bollinger then lets it rip.

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“I cannot close without expressing a larger concern about the wellbeing of America’s constitutional democracy,” he said.

“I have said many times over the past several years that, while the University takes no position on political issues, no matter how serious or even grave, a university cannot survive in a society that does not take seriously the basic elements of civic life—respect for truth, respect for reason as a means to truth, and the embrace of a foundational principle of human equality.

“In those, we

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