Colorado pro-lifers hope proposition 115 abortion restriction passes

Colorado pro-lifers hope proposition 115 abortion restriction passes

DENVER — Colorado pro-life activists have tried for years to place limits on abortion, without success, but they have reason to believe that this year may be different.

On the ballot is Proposition 115, which would enact a 22-week limit on abortions in Colorado, one of six states and the District of Columbia that have no restrictions on when abortions may be performed.

In a blue-trending state with a record of rejecting pro-life initiatives, Proposition 115 starts at a disadvantage, but Giuliana Day, an organizer of the pro-life Due Date Too Late group, said she believes even some liberal Democrats will get behind the measure.

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“I feel strongly that we’re going to be able to win this one because this is so reasonable,” Ms. Day said. “I go into the community all the time, and it’s so shocking for people every time I tell them there are no restrictions. You can actually abort a baby until the moment of

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