Colleges Cancelling Spring Break 2021 Over Coronavirus Concerns

Colleges Cancelling Spring Break 2021 Over Coronavirus Concerns

Colleges and universities across the United States have been taking steps to lower the chances of their students spreading coronavirus around campus and in their communities. On many campuses, this has also included canceling Spring Break 2021. 

According to Politico, dozens of schools have already re-worked the 2020-2021 academic calendar to eliminate spring break, recognized by many students as an extended opportunity to travel or party, to tamp down on unwanted community spread. 

“The rationale is straightforward,” Colin Riley, a spokesperson for Boston University, told the news agency. “We wanted to reduce the likelihood of travel in the middle of the semester and also wanted to retain the scheduled end of the semester so that people wouldn’t need to change post-school-year plans.”

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To account for the lack of spring break, Boston University has tacked on an extra week to the winter break before the spring term, pushing the start of the term to January 25. Other institutions have decided

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