Colby Covington: John Cena, Lebron James Are 'Chinese Finger Puppets'

Colby Covington: John Cena, Lebron James Are 'Chinese Finger Puppets'

Former UFC Welterweight champion Colby Covington described the NBA’s LeBron James and former professional wrestler, John Cena, as “Chinese finger puppets” given James’s and Cena’s financial ties to China, and by extension, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Covington, who regularly aligns his philosophy and politics with the MAGA movement and former President Donald Trump, joined Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday’s edition of War Room: Pandemic.

Covington highlighted James’s income from clothing manufactured in China. He said:

I just see all the hypocrisy from Lebron. He claims to be about social justice, but he won’t say, ‘Free Hong Kong.’ He won’t talk about the Uyghurs that are locked up in concentration camps in China. He won’t talk about all the women that he’s profiting off of in his Chinese sweatshops that are making all his shoes for a dollar that he’s coming over to America and selling them for

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