– A New Platform Ranking Crypto by Popularity – A New Platform Ranking Crypto by Popularity is a new platform that allows users to discover top cryptocurrencies and services based on their popularity, unlike the traditional services that list top cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization or trading volume.

It is a known fact that data can be represented in multiple ways, but that doesn’t mean users will always find it useful. It is the same case with most of the cryptocurrency pricing and ranking websites, as they tend to list the top cryptos based on market capitalization or trading volumes rather than popularity. By doing so, they fail to paint an accurate picture and even end up depriving unsuspecting users of potential opportunities to acquire certain assets or profit from it.

For example, one quick glance at platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko shows Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency, which even though not wrong misses out on the current popular cryptocurrency – Uniswap. CoinLeet recognizes the flaw in traditional ranking models used in the crypto

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