Coinbase acquires trading execution platform Routefire

Coinbase acquires trading execution platform Routefire

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has acquired the Routefire platform for enhanced trade execution.

In a Jan. 7 blog post, Routefire CEO Jason Victor announced that the team would now be developing its execution services for Coinbase, while thanking users for their support over the last three years.

Routefire started in late 2017, with a mission to enhance trading infrastructure in the crypto market. They developed products that allow traders to automatically search multiple sources of liquidity to find the most favorable rates on both price and fees.

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Following the move, the Routefire team will be developing the Coinbase Prime suite of tools and services. This is aimed at being the premier brokerage platform for financial institutions who wish to trade in the cryptocurrency space.

Coinbase has suffered multiple outages over the past 12 months, often coinciding with volatile trading days for Bitcoin, angering traders who lost out on potential profits. The acquisition of Routefire and its trade execution expertise

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