CNN's Van Jones: Biden 'Was Really Beautiful' Tonight

CNN's Van Jones: Biden 'Was Really Beautiful' Tonight

CNN commentator Van Jones reacted with emotion on Wednesday night after his network’s coverage of President Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

Fellow commentator  David Axelrod said, “He picked it up at the end and closed in a strong will. In terms of making the case for his big program, I think he had a good night.”

Jones said, “I agree. It was really beautiful. I mean, it was beautiful. He’s developing a kind of positive populism. When he talked about vaccines, he says because of the vaccines, cafeteria workers and bus drivers, and school teachers can get back to work and help our kids. He did not say rescue checks. He said a single mom didn’t have to be evicted. He’s selling big, big policies, but it is so personal and so intimate.”

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Complimenting Biden’s delivery, Jones continued, “His voice, that kind of

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