CNN’s Brian Stelter gets roasted for ‘sycophantic’ Jen Psaki interview

CNN’s Brian Stelter gets roasted for ‘sycophantic’ Jen Psaki interview

CNN’s chief media correspondent is facing ridicule for a groveling interview in which he asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki what the media gets “wrong” when covering the Biden administration.

“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter conducted an interview with Psaki on Sunday’s episode of the weekly show, which he kicked off by offering President Biden’s chief spokeswoman a chance to critique the media.

“The White House press secretary faces some unique challenges,” Stelter fawned, “Busy summer ahead – infrastructure, election reform.”

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“What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you watch the news, when you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?”

Psaki said that many in the press corps seemed to fail to recognize how long the legislative process can be while reporting on the administration’s efforts to push the president’s agenda through Congress.

“I think some of our muscles have atrophied a little bit over the last few years, and

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