CNN Spins Biden’s Hard-Left First 100 Days As ‘Moderate Radicalism’

CNN Spins Biden’s Hard-Left First 100 Days As ‘Moderate Radicalism’

CNN spun a story about President Joe Biden’s Wednesday address to an emaciated joint session of Congress by claiming he would be showing off his “moderate radicalism.”

“Joe Biden to showcase his moderate radicalism in his big congressional address,” the oxymoronic CNN headline reads.

Spin so hard, @CNN

— Mark Morgan (@MarkMorganWI) April 28, 2021

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In the article, CNN claims Biden is “no firebrand ideologue” but admits his “radicalism is expressed through a huge pandemic rescue bill, a larger proposal that redefines the concept of infrastructure, and a massive health and child care blueprint.” This label, the article continues, is not viable if Republicans use it.

“Republicans think they can brand Biden as a radical and spark a backlash,” one of the subheads states.

The article largely ignores the fact that most of Biden’s so-called “solutions” have been enacted without Republican input or support in exchange for “an agenda that argues government can still solve national problems,

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