CNN Interview Backfires as Voters Tell Network Impeachment Is a Witch-hunt!

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President Trump has continued to say that all the attacks on him are a witch hunt.

It started with Russia and after two years that fizzled out with a complete thud.

As CNN’s Van Jones says, it was a big “nothing burger”.

Now comes the Ukraine “scandal” and impeachment efforts.

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It looks like those are backfiring in spectacular fashion as CNN took the streets to interview voters and was told they’re all backing Trump!

Here is the video from CNN’s own report:

Impeachment is ALREADY backfiring on Democrats.

CNN interviews a Michigan voter who moved his support from Joe Biden to @realDonaldTrump because of the Democrats’ BOGUS impeachment charade.

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) October 4, 2019

Folks, I keep telling you, America is waking up!

The voters see what’s going on.

They see it for what it really is. 

It’s a fraudulent

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