CNN Declares ‘Fredo’ An ‘Ethnic Slur’; Here Are The Times It Was Used On CNN


In a video that quickly went viral Monday, CNN host Chris Cuomo explodes on a man after he refers to Cuomo as “Fredo,” a frequently repeated reference to the “weak” middle brother of the Corleone sons in “The Godfather.” In the video, Cuomo — the younger brother of Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — claims that people use the name Fredo “as an Italian aspersion,” declaring, “It’s like the ‘N word’ for us.”

In response, CNN came to Cuomo’s defense and officially agreed that Fredo is an “ethnic slur,” prompting a slew of posts online reminding CNN of the times the “ethnic slur” has been used on the network without rebuke.

The “Fredo” controversy began with a video posted by “That’s the Point with Brandon” that quickly circulated online. In the video, Cuomo — who doesn’t initally realize he’s on camera — threatens to “f***in ruin your sh**” and “f***ing throw you down the stairs” for calling him

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