CNN Concludes That Certain Word Fonts Are Now Racist

CNN Concludes That Certain Word Fonts Are Now Racist

Somehow out-woking its mainstream media allies, CNN published an article Wednesday entitled “Karate, Wonton, Chow Fun: The end of ‘chop suey’ fonts,” and the virtue-signaling is palpable.

Initially, author Anne Quito explored the origins of said “chop suey fonts,” the typefaces most Americans see used in logos and advertisements for Asian restaurants and kung-fu movies, in the article.

She cited historian Paul Shaw, who traced these fonts to the Cleveland Type Foundry and the chop suey grandfather font of “Mandarin.” Shaw, in Print magazine, mocked the font itself, writing, “It’s a fitting name — just as chop suey is an American invention, so, too, are the letters of Mandarin and its many offspring.”

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“Neither the food nor the fonts bear any real relation to true Chinese cuisine or calligraphy,” Shaw added. “But this has not prevented the proliferation of chop suey lettering and its close identification with Chinese culture outside of

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