CNN Claims Popular ‘Asian’ Fonts Perpetuate Racism

CNN Claims Popular ‘Asian’ Fonts Perpetuate Racism

In a bizarre op-ed published Thursday, a writer for CNN suggested that certain fonts can perpetuate racism.

The piece by Anne Quito, titled “Karate, Wonton, Chow Fun: The End of ‘Chop Suey’ Fonts,” ridiculously asserts that fonts used to communicate “Asaianness” perpetuate negative stereotypes.

“Type designers in the West have since cooked up many of their own versions of chop suey. Variations on the font are commercially distributed as Wonton, Peking, Buddha, Ginko, Jing Jing, Kanban, Shanghai, China Doll, Fantan, Martial Arts, Rice Bowl, Sunamy, Karate, Chow Fun, Chu Ching San JNL, Ching Chang and Chang Chang,” the report said. “It’s hard not to cringe at the Chinese stereotypes bundled up with each font package — especially when seen through the lens of today’s heightened vigilance toward discrimination and systemic racism. Critics believe that using chop suey typefaces is downright racist, particularly when deployed by non-Asian creators.”

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Quito’s argument continues for several paragraphs. She then later asserted that these fonts have been

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