CNN Asks Jen Psaki How It Can Help Push Joe Biden’s Agenda

CNN Asks Jen Psaki How It Can Help Push Joe Biden’s Agenda

CNN’s Brian Stelter used what he described as an “in-depth interview” with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to liken Fox News and Newsmax to “Chinese and Russian state TV.” But media critics say it’s Stelter’s interview which more closely resembles the propaganda served up by authoritarian regimes.

Stelter spent nearly the entire segment asking Psaki what the media can do to see issues from the administration’s perspective, presenting her as a latter-day Jen of Arc taking on the allied forces of Russian disinformation.

Stelter’s first question to Psaki was: “What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you watch the news, when you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?”

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“Well, look, I think some of our muscles have atrophied a little bit over the last few years,” Psaki said, undoubtedly unable to believe her luck. She said only that people have forgotten how long and “messy the process of negotiating, and the process of

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