Classified ‘brief’: Secret UFO report only 17 pages long

Classified ‘brief’: Secret UFO report only 17 pages long

The real truth on UFOs is out there — and it’s only 17 pages long.

The nine-page preliminary US government report released last month did little to satisfy those seeking answers on whether alien life exists — and the classified version isn’t likely to provide much more depth with just eight additional pages, according to a report by The Black Vault, a website operated by author and podcaster John Greenewald.

Days after the June 25 report was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, US officials declined to comment on the length of the classified version, but told Greenewald it was “substantively consistent” and had the same conclusions as the public document.

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Greenewald tweeted Thursday that he had confirmed the length of the classified report, which led to much speculation online, with estimates ranging anywhere from 70 to 400 additional pages.

An email from ODNI confirms the full US government report on UFOs is “17 pages

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