Cities Sue Over ‘Unlawful’ Deployment Of Federal Law Enforcement During Protests

Cities Sue Over ‘Unlawful’ Deployment Of Federal Law Enforcement During Protests

The cities of Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over “unlawfully” sending federal law enforcement agents to their cities to quell protests.

The lawsuit alleges that both the DOJ and the DHS “unilaterally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally” sent federal agents to the cities as part of a “law and order” policy, ABC News reported.

Federal agents were sent to Portland after protests and riots were ongoing there for several weeks. The agents, who were from the DHS and U.S. Marshals, were sent to protect the federal courthouse after it was targeted by rioters, according to the report. The agents were also sent to protect federal property in Oakland. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Fireworks, Tear Gas Used At Portland Federal Courthouse)

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“This lawsuit challenges the unlawful and unconstitutional overreach of federal law enforcement in response to and in anticipation of civil protests in progressive United States cities,” the lawsuit says according to ABC. “In particular, the lawsuit challenges the federal government’s new policy authorizing the expanded and unbounded jurisdiction of federal law enforcement under the guise of protecting federal property, and the federal

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