CIA Condemns CNN Story About Moscow Spy As “Simply False”


Fake News media network CNN struck again Monday when they attempted to report on information that would be damning for President Trump, if true.

But…this time, they got called out…by the CIA!

CNN’s story was focused around the extradition of a CIA spy in Moscow, which they blamed on President Trump, who they claimed “repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence and could contribute to exposing the covert source as a spy.”

Unfortunately, the information that CNN reported on was “simply false” according to CNN intel, who rebuked that the truth of the matter was that the CIA “made the arduous decision in late 2016 to offer to extract the source from Russia.”

Late 2016.

Weeks before President Trump had even taken office in the White House.

CIA: “Misguided speculation that the President’s handling of our nation’s most sensitive intelligence — which he has access to each and every day — drove an alleged exfiltration operation is

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