Christians Held In China’s Secret Brainwashing Camps, Say Sources

Christians Held In China’s Secret Brainwashing Camps, Say Sources

The oppression of Christians across the globe continues.

According to eyewitnesses, The Chinese Communist party is imprisoning Christians in “brainwashing” centers forcing them to renounce their faith.

The eyewitnesses also say that they faced routine beatings and indoctrination.

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Breitbart News reported:

Eyewitnesses told Radio Free Asia (RFA) in a report published Thursday that Chinese Communist Party officials imprisoned them in mobile “brainwashing” centers designed to make them renounce Christianity, where they faced routine beatings, indoctrination, and solitary confinement designed to induce self-harm.

Christianity is legal under the communist regime in China only under the Chinese Catholic Church, run by the Party and not the Vatican, and the Patriotic Three-Self Church, a “Protestant” alternative also run by the Communist Party. Many Chinese Christians reject both options, as the Party does not allow free worship in its legal institutions and requires clergy to use their platforms to advance the regime’s agenda. Instead, many choose what is referred to as “house

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