Chris Christie has no sympathy for ‘unlikeable’ Ted Cruz after Cancun trip

Chris Christie has no sympathy for ‘unlikeable’ Ted Cruz after Cancun trip

Payback’s a beach.

Once ridiculed by Sen. Ted Cruz for lounging on the sand during a state government shutdown, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said this week he has little sympathy for the embattled Texas lawmaker amid his tone-deaf jaunt to Cancun, Mexico.

Simply put, Christie declared Friday on the “Guy Benson Show,” Cruz has “just not been a very likeable guy.”

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The two became a memorable meme this week, after Internet wags doctored Christie’s infamous 2017 beachfront snap to show the Texas senator joining the sun-worshipping governor.

Asked about the meme, Christie said “the media loves to pile on Republicans, and that’s an element of it.”

But Cruz, he went on, “has taken every chance he can to take shots at people on both sides of the aisle over the course of his career.”

“And so when you do that, when you decide that’s what you want to do, and especially on personal matters, there’s not going

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