Chinese Universities Make 'Xi Jinping Thought' Part of Curriculum

Chinese Universities Make 'Xi Jinping Thought' Part of Curriculum

Recent Chinese media reports indicate that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is forcing universities in the country to incorporate “Xi Jinping Thought,” or the socialist philosophies and writings of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, into their curriculum.

A local news site in eastern China’s Shandong province reported on November 10 that Shandong’s Yantai Vocational College “has built three teams for adding the readings to its curriculum (teaching Xi’s theory),” Voice of America (VOA) reported on Wednesday.

“In many cases, the new content, commonly called ‘Xi Jinping Thought,’ are being added to courses that already study his writings on ‘the four self-confidences’ that he proposed in 2016. They outline core beliefs in Xi’s socialist theory, social system, culture and road, which refers to ‘socialist road with Chinese characteristics’ [sic],” VOA detailed.

At least 37 key colleges and universities across China offered a course titled, “An Overview of Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics

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