Chinese tech company reportedly collected data on prominent Americans

Chinese tech company reportedly collected data on prominent Americans

The personal details of US military commanders and thousands of prominent Americans have been amassed since 2017 by a Chinese technology company with reported ties to the country’s military and intelligence networks, according to a report on leaked data.

A database of about 2.4 million people, including at least 50,000 Americans, was compiled by the small Chinese company called Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Technology, The Washington Post reported.

The massive trove — called the Overseas Key Information Database, or OKIDB – includes biographies and service records of the US military commanders, as well as social media chatter by Beijing watchers in Washington, DC, according to the newspaper.

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It purports to provide insights into foreign political, military and business figures, as well as details about countries’ infrastructure and military deployments, according to an unsecured copy of the database that was retrieved by an Australian cybersecurity consulting outfit.

Although there is no evidence suggesting OKIDB’s software is being used by Beijing, Zhenhua’s

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