Chinese Officials Admit Food Supply 'Under Pressure,' Urge Country to 'Stabilize'

Chinese Officials Admit Food Supply 'Under Pressure,' Urge Country to 'Stabilize'

China’s Minister of Agriculture Tang Renjian told journalists in a press conference Monday that the nation’s grain supplies “at times come under pressure” and Beijing needs to act to “stabilize” its food supply.

The remarks, couched in assurances that the Communist Party can guarantee enough food for its dwindling population despite “pressure,” follow a tenuous harvest season in 2020 severely affected by widespread floods affecting 27 of China’s 31 provinces and wiping out significant percentages of some of the nation’s most important crops. China has also faced significant shortages of pork, the nation’s most popular protein source, following a nationwide outbreak of African swine fever.

Food shortage fears appeared to prompt a national campaign against “food waste” that dictator Xi Jinping dubbed “Clean Plate” last year. The Communist Party proposed new regulations towards the end of 2020 limiting the amount of food that citizens could consume at weddings and other

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