Chinese Media: Missing Billionaire Jack Ma Is ‘Embracing Supervision’

Chinese Media: Missing Billionaire Jack Ma Is ‘Embracing Supervision’

A few days after international media noticed that not only did Chinese tech tycoon Jack Ma lose much of his corporate empire and $12 billion of his net worth after criticizing the Communist Party in late October, but he also appears to have vanished from the face of the Earth, Hong Kong’s Asia Times Financial (ATF) reported Chinese state media are claiming Ma has “embraced supervision,” while Beijing’s army of Internet trolls denounces him as a greedy traitor.

ATF mentioned Ma’s complete scrubbing from a Chinese reality show he once hosted and enthusiastically represented as the detail that seems to have awakened the world to the flamboyant billionaire’s disappearance, then described how the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) media machine is turning against the man who was once hailed as a model citizen:

Meanwhile, online vitriol towards Ma has heated up (or been ramped up) dramatically. Usually known as “Uncle

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