Chinese Media: Half the World 'Goes by the Law of the Jungle'

Chinese Media: Half the World 'Goes by the Law of the Jungle'

The editor-in-chief of belligerent Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times, Hu Xijin, dismissed half the world as living “by the law of the jungle” in a column Thursday meant to lift the spirits of Chinese communists.

Hu claimed that Chinese “netizens” — a term for social media users in the country who the Communist Party does not censor — had lost some morale and begun to think that China was a “punching bag” for the world, but disagreed with this assessment in part because it is managing to “stand tall” despite confrontations with free states like America.

The Global Times and other Chinese Communist Party publications like the People’s Daily have a long history of racially or ethnically insensitive comments. The Global Times has repeatedly disparaged American culture as being inferior to the Chinese and lacking in “values” and once published a column stating that Brazil did not pose an economic challenge to China

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