Chinese Media: China-Led Trade Bloc Will ‘End U.S. Hegemony’

Chinese Media: China-Led Trade Bloc Will ‘End U.S. Hegemony’

Chinese state media spent the weekend celebrating the announcement of a massive trade deal with 14 other Asia-Pacific nations — including key U.S. allies like Japan, South Korea, and Australia, but not the United States itself — as the “end of U.S. hegemony in the West Pacific.”

China’s state-run Global Times said on Saturday that the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) “indicates that the majority of Asian countries endorse an Asia-wide regional free trade framework that works to benefit all Asian economies and see it as a landmark step toward achieving closer economic integration in East and Southeast Asia.”

“The RCEP sends out the message that Asian countries do not want to choose sides between the U.S. and China,” the Global Times asserted. “More significantly, they are not willing to blindly follow the US and exclude China, the biggest and most vibrant Asian economy, from the region’s integration process.  A

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