Chinese Communists Heckle United States over Capitol Riots

Chinese Communists Heckle United States over Capitol Riots

China’s state-run Global Times gloated Thursday over this week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol, calling it a harbinger of the death of “freedom and democracy” in America.

In one op-ed, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief asserted that the fact that “Trump’s supporters were able to storm Congress in this way is the result of a deeply fractured US society where rule of law is no longer able to effectively manage this fragmentation.”

“Trump still has many supporters with wild emotions that still pose a serious challenge to the authority of Biden’s administration and undermine its legitimacy,” the editor declared.

Those who still believe in America’s strength and constitutional loyalty “overestimate the power of the US political system,” the piece states. “There is no doubt that the US system is degrading and showing signs of worsening as cancer.”

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The editor also compared the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters to those on Capitol Hill, recalling

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