Chinese Censors Blur Western Brand Logos on TV Programs

Chinese Censors Blur Western Brand Logos on TV Programs

Chinese television shows have recently begun blurring the logos of Western retail brands when they happen to appear on TV stars’ clothing items, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

Recent episodes of the popular Chinese variety show Sisters Who Make Waves “now feature singers and actors who look like they are floating on clouds, thanks to their blurred-out shoes,” according to the BBC. The Chinese reality show Chuang 2021 recently featured some of its stars blurred from their shoulders down to their ankles, as they had worn both Western-branded shirts and pants.

The reality TV contest program Youth With You provided post-production editors with an especially tedious task last month after at least 50 of the show’s contestants wore T-shirts bearing Western logos.

“The production company behind the show, iQiyi, had issued a notice on 25 March saying that an upcoming episode had to be delayed, but did not give a reason,” the

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