China's Sinovac Urges Third Dose of Its Low-Quality Vaccine

China's Sinovac Urges Third Dose of Its Low-Quality Vaccine

Sinovac Biotech, a Chinese company responsible for the development of one of the least-effective Chinese coronavirus vaccines currently in global circulation, suggested on Sunday that patients should receive a third “booster” dose of its product to improve its performance.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has prioritized the distribution of Sinovac’s product, “Coronavac,” to allied nations. Countries that have heavily depended on it for mass vaccinations have seen a significant surge in coronavirus cases parallel to increasing vaccination rates. Among the two most prominent examples are the populations of Chile and Seychelles, whose governments have defended the Chinese product.

“Coronavac” tested at 50.38 efficacy in preventing coronavirus infections in clinical trials in Brazil prior to its global approval, just barely above the 50-percent threshold typically used to determine if a vaccine is functional. Sinovac initially attempted to claim the vaccine was 78-percent effective in Chinese-controlled trials prior to the release

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