China Thinks Biden Infrastructure Plan is Too 'Anti-China'

China Thinks Biden Infrastructure Plan is Too 'Anti-China'

Chinese state media on Friday heckled President Joe Biden’s massive “infrastructure” spending proposal because the $2 trillion plan is supposedly “anti-China” in its outlook – meaning Biden has been selling the plan by stressing the importance of competing with China.

China’s state-run Global Times jeered that no U.S. administration could handle infrastructure projects as well as authoritarian China, where “the incentive to invest is strong and the general public is very supportive.”

The Global Times suggested Americans try learning some lessons from superior China instead of scapegoating it for alleged American failures and daydreaming about competing with it:

The US now has China everywhere in its mind with regard to its domestic policy, attaching labels of national security randomly, and blaming China for any industrial imbalance in the US. Apart from instigating nationalism, this would do little to solve the problem. Over time, the US will not

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