China: Texas Freeze Shows U.S. Is a Failure

China: Texas Freeze Shows U.S. Is a Failure

Chinese state media on Thursday pounced on the winter storm and blackouts in Texas as evidence the United States is inferior to Communist China. 

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the state-run Global Times, took the opportunity to dance on the graves of Americans killed by China’s coronavirus while arguing his government is better at investing in infrastructure, organizing disaster relief, and learning from its mistakes:

The extreme cold weather in the central and southern US has caused at least 31 deaths, leaving million families to endure days without electricity. Texas, a US state with huge resources, has been severely hit. This is not supposed to be the scenario in the US – the world’s most developed country. But what kind of scenarios are supposed to happen there? COVID-19 has taken nearly 500,000 lives in the country.  Was that supposed to occur? Yet it is happening.

The US has once again fallen

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