China Taunts 'Brittle' NATO for Holding Summit Under Shadow of Trump's Potential Return

China Taunts ‘Brittle’ NATO for Holding Summit Under Shadow of Trump’s Potential Return

The Chinese state-run propaganda newspaper Global Times mocked the ongoing NATO summit in Washington on Tuesday as a display of a “brittle” alliance, claiming that the fact that most member states hold free and fair elections – and thus routinely change their rules – weakens them.

The Global Times and other Chinese government outlets routinely disparage the concept of elections, encouraging the world to adopt totalitarian communism in the name of “stability.”

“Regardless of electoral democracy’s advantages, including transparency and competitiveness, it has flaws that should not be ignored. The biggest problem is that it cannot truly reflect the essence of democracy,” the state newspaper quoted a regime-approved “expert” declaring in 2019.

This week, the Times used the NATO summit as an example of the nefarious

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