China ‘Shames’ Government Officials Who Resisted Uyghur Genocide

China ‘Shames’ Government Officials Who Resisted Uyghur Genocide

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cracked down hard this week on two local officials in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region for supposedly giving material support to terrorism.

In truth, there is little evidence the ethnic Uyghur officials named and “shamed” by Chinese state media Tuesday were involved in terrorist activities; they were pushing back against Beijing’s genocidal campaign against their people. Both could face the death penalty.

The two Uyghur officials spotlighted by Chinese state media, Shirzat Bawudun and Sattar Sawut, were arrested years ago during a purge of high-ranking Uyghurs. The targets of this purge were generally charged with “separatism” or being “two-faced.” Human-rights watchdog Bitter Winter noted the “two-faced” charge is frequently leveled against “Communist Party members who are accused of having religious beliefs or ethnic tendencies.”

“Some commentators have observed that, by eliminating high-ranking officials and intellectuals of Uyghur ethnicity, the Chinese Communist Party

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