China Rigs Elections to Ensure only ‘Patriots’ Will Govern Hong Kong

China Rigs Elections to Ensure only ‘Patriots’ Will Govern Hong Kong

Beijing’s assault on what little remains of Hong Kong’s autonomy continued Monday with the announcement of new rules to ensure that only “patriots,” meaning solid loyalists to China and its Communist Party, will be eligible to govern the island.

China’s state-run Global Times hailed the “patriots governing Hong Kong” initiative as an urgently needed effort to fix “loopholes” in the island’s political system, describing it as an “upgrade” to the “one country, two systems” principle of limited autonomy to which China agreed when it took control of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom in 1997.

The Global Times noted this “systematic upgrade,” like the authoritarian “national security” law imposed on Hong Kong last summer, would be implemented through the National People’s Congress in Beijing rather than “proposed by the HKSAR [Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region] government and then approved by the central government.”

Later in the article, Hong Kong and

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