China Passes Law to 'Punish' Sanctions Prior to Biden's Europe Meetings

China Passes Law to 'Punish' Sanctions Prior to Biden's Europe Meetings

China’s rubber-stamp legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC), passed a much-ballyhooed law on Thursday that will supposedly “block” all human-rights sanctions leveled against the brutal Communist regime by threatening foreign governments with automatic retaliation.

The move sent menacing signals to foreign officials and international corporations just as President Joe Biden arrived in Europe for the G7 summit.

As China’s state-run Global Times put it:

Top lawmakers in China on Thursday voted to pass the highly expected Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, providing a comprehensive legal basis for blocking illegal foreign sanctions and preventing Chinese individuals and entities from suffering the damage resulting from such illegal sanctions. The new law will also offer a sufficient legal foundation for taking an equal position with the West by imposing necessary countermeasures.

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According to the Global Times, the “highly expected law, which is considered an effective and strong legal tool to stop the

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