China orbits White House security agenda at 100 days

China orbits White House security agenda at 100 days

President Joe Biden’s national security agenda for his first 100 days in office was shaped by the COVID-19 crisis and a pledge to advance foreign policy to benefit working people. But the administration’s next actions on countries such as China could include new actions stemming from human rights abuses, the White House said.

Where Trump and Obama officials prioritized terrorist threats and a great power competition, Biden faced economic and health crises stemming from the coronavirus’s spread inside the country, climate change, and a “technological revolution” that has reordered people’s lives, a senior administration official said in a phone call with reporters.

“Our view is that we don’t have that luxury to choose between those challenges. It was clear from the first 100 days that we face an increasingly assertive China and disruptive Russia,” the official said. “At the same time, we face challenges that don’t respect borders, including climate change, COVID-19, and a technological revolution

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