China Imposes 'Anti-Spying Education,' Surveillance on Sensitive Companies

China Imposes 'Anti-Spying Education,' Surveillance on Sensitive Companies

The Chinese government announced a new “anti-espionage” regulation on Monday requiring Chinese companies and organizations “susceptible to foreign infiltration” to adopt new security measures.

China’s Ministry of State Security issued the anti-spying edict on April 26. The order obligates various bodies in China, including “social groups, enterprises, and public institutions,” to operate as if they are sensitive government entities and train their employees to detect and ward off foreign attempts at espionage.

China’s national security authority will designate certain entities as vulnerable to foreign espionage “based on the level of confidentiality that the industry involves, the degree of foreign involvement, and whether there have been previous incidents that endangered national security,” according to the Chinese state-run Global Times.

The bureau will then require the designated companies to arrange for prospective employees to “sign letters of commitment before taking up posts.” The companies must also require staff to report

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