China Halts U.S. Navy Visits, Says 'Correct your Mistakes' over Hong Kong Human Rights


China angrily lashed out at the U.S. on Monday over its continued support of basic human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.

The Communists in Beijing announced they will suspend U.S. Navy visits to the disputed territory and sanction a range of pro-democracy, non-governmental organizations in retaliation for Congress’ passage of legislation supporting anti-government protests.

China had already denied requests for two U.S. Navy ships to dock in Hong Kong in August, without specifying a reason why.

Protesters gather at Central’s Chater Garden at 12:30pm on Sunday to thank the US for passing and signing the #HongKong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

Photo: RTHK screenshot.

— Hong Kong Free Press (@HongKongFP) December 1, 2019

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying repeated Chinese accusations Monday the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act “seriously interfered” in Hong Kong’s internal affairs, and appeared to back up China’s threats the U.S.

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