China Evacuates 'Wobbling' Skyscraper, Prompting Demands for Justice

China Evacuates 'Wobbling' Skyscraper, Prompting Demands for Justice

Tenants forced to evacuate a skyscraper in China’s southeastern city of Shenzhen last week after the building began shaking for unknown reasons are now seeking compensation for losses sustained due to early lease terminations and business losses, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday.

“[M]any tenants selling electrical goods in Shenzhen’s fifth-highest tower … are now calling for compensation for business disruption and early termination of their leases at SEG Plaza,” the Post reported, adding that most of the tenants have chosen to remain anonymous at this time.

“If it is defined as force majeure [an unforeseeable or unavoidable event freeing both parties to a contract from legal obligation], tenants are entitled to ask for at least half of the rent for the entire shutdown period as both sides are responsible for [the] disruption caused by such issues,” Liu Ziru, a property lawyer at the Shenzhen branch

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