China closes borders to prevent new coronavirus outbreak


The Chinese government is closing its borders to foreign nationals to prevent a resurgence of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, according to a report.

The move signals an attempt by officials in China, the epicenter of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, to avoid having foreigners with visas or residency permits reintroduce the deadly bug into the Asian nation, just as cases there wane, reported Thursday.

“The suspension is a temporary measure that China is compelled to take in light of the outbreak situation and the practices of other countries,” the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, Axios reported.

“China will stay in close touch with all sides and properly handle personnel exchanges with the rest of the world under the special circumstances,” the statement said. “The above-mentioned measures will be calibrated in light of the evolving situation and announced accordingly.”

In January, Chinese officials suspended all travel in and out of Hubei province, home to Wuhan, where

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