China: Biden’s European Tour a ‘Bluff,’ ‘Mission Impossible’

China: Biden’s European Tour a ‘Bluff,’ ‘Mission Impossible’

Chinese state media on Thursday mocked President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe, predicting Biden’s quest to rally European support against China would fail and was probably just an empty “bluff” by Biden to begin with.

China’s Global Times teased American media for overhyping Biden’s trip to Europe, during which he is scheduled to attend the G-7 and NATO summits and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Instead of a “geopolitical feast,” the Chinese paper saw Biden making a futile attempt to rekindle Cold War animosities and rally the Europeans for a battle between “democracies and autocracies” and that democracy already lost, thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus:

However, all this is nothing but a bluff, because the “unity” Washington is fostering cannot address the real problem of the US and the West. That is, major Western countries including the US are seeing constantly declining competitiveness. When the G7 was

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